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Keep regular

Digestion problems can quickly become an everyday issue. Our bowels are sensitive: all it takes is a change (start of holidays, start of school), a bit of stress or a change in diet to disturb our digestive well-being. But all it takes is a little attention to take care of the whole family’s digestion. Here is some easy-to-follow advice.

Firstly, how we eat can affect how well our digestive system works. Take your time eating. Chewing slowly encourages saliva to be released and prepares food for digestion.

Good bowel movements require the right food too. It’s all about fibre! Fibre is non-digestible carbohydrate in countless food items: wholewheat, lettuce, apple compote and prunes…

If you need a little help then lactic acid contained in Greek yoghurt and fermented cheese (Camembert, Brie, Saint-Marcelin etc.) complements fibre perfectly. They interact with gut flora – gut microbiota – and regulate its work on food to aid digestion.

Last but not least, keeping well-hydrated and exercising (walking, cycling or swimming) also helps digestion as it encourages the intestinal muscles to work. So why not take the family for a stroll?


  • Eat slowly and drink often, even outside mealtimes
  • Go for fibre-rich food (fruit, vegetables) and use fermented dairy produce when you need it
  • Walk or do light exercise regularly

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