Alvityl advice-Tackle any change of pace

Tackle any change of pace

Whether it’s upcoming exams, moving house, an important meeting to prepare for or a bitter winter on its way, our life is full of surprises and changes of pace. They can often shake up our habits and it can be hard to adapt quickly and handle surprises. Here is some advice to ramp up your energy and vitality in any situation.

We can’t say it enough: eating a balanced diet is essential. It helps provide vitamins, minerals and other elements that the body needs. There are lots of examples: protein in meat provides energy, vitamin C in fruit (oranges, cherries etc.) helps combat tiredness and omega-3 in oily fish (salmon, herring etc.) takes care of the brain during exam periods.

Drink lots of water and your diet will be more beneficial than if you drink stimulants like tea and coffee.

Sleep is also essential when dealing with changes of pace. First and foremost in terms of quantity: every age has its own needs. Children aged 6 and under need 12 hours a night. Children aged over 6 need 10 hours. The quality of your sleep also matters: if you read rather than look at a screen then you’ll fall asleep more easily. And if you’re having a tired spell then be sure to set time aside for a nap!

Last but not least, release stress: regular exercise helps put a full stop to your working day. Don’t miss your workout to work later, you’ll often be more efficient after you’ve switched off for a bit!


  • Eat a balanced diet and drink lots of mineral water.
  • Avoid screens before going to bed so you sleep well
  • Exercise regularly

Alvityl advice

Having a tough time? Feeling tired? It happens! Alvityl® Tonus helps you top up your energy quota so you can tackle whatever comes your way! Vitamins B2, B3, B5, B9, B12, C and magnesium help reduce tiredness.

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