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Occasional lack of energy, difficulty getting up in the morning, long, hard days?

Sometimes our bodies have a lot to cope with, at any time of the year, especially in young children: change of seasons, back to school and busy school schedule, before the holidays.

Children and adults may then need a little boost to help them quickly get back on track.


In need of a little boost?

They must have good sleep hygiene: sufficient hours and a consistent routine. Under 6 years old: > 12 hours of nocturnal sleep and a nap (1.5 to 2 hours) From...

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Tackle any change of pace

We can't say it enough: eating a balanced diet is essential. It helps provide vitamins, minerals and other elements that the body needs. There are lots of examples: protein in...

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Alvityl®Petit Boost – from the age of 3 year

Drop in energy , long and hard day?

Boost your energy
Product availability varies from country to country.

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