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Happy birthday! The perfect time to unleash your energy!

Another year is worth celebrating! Whether you’re young or old, a birthday is always a chance to get together with friends and family. But sometimes you don’t know what to do to keep everyone happy. So how do you make sure everyone has a good time on this unique day?

After opening presents, have you thought about playing a round of Exquisite Corpse with family or friends? It’s a simple game for all ages that uses your imagination. Get hold of strips of paper and write the name of a thing or character on each one: witch, pan, spaceship (or better, print photos of the things after searching for them online). Let each person take a turn picking a card and… tell a story using their imagination and this card. Princesses go into space, dinosaurs invade castles… belly laughs and good times guaranteed!

Laughter makes you thirsty so don’t forget smoothies! How about a banana smoothie to keep things exotic and stock up on fibre and vitamin B6? It’s an easy recipe: for each person you need 1 banana, 250ml of milk, a little cane sugar and a bit of vanilla extract – it enhances the flavour. Give it a spin in the blender and bottom’s up!

If you fancy something fruitier then replace the milk with the same amount of orange juice. Packed with vitality and energy!

Once the party’s over, all the family will have been at it all day so they can get a good night’s sleep!



  • Plan activities so children and adults can use up their energy
  • Top up your energy and vitamins with fruit juices and smoothies

Alvityl advice

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